Enroll in PRIVATE FLEET © . It’s Simple, Safe and Secure.
A simple and safe way to offset the costs of boat ownership.

• Generates rental income when your boat is not in use
• Turnkey service from boater screening through return inspections
• Full damage & liability coverage by Billy's Powersports Muskoka fleet insurance
• All renter boat captains are guaranteed BoatSmart certified
• All boats secured by damage deposits in Billy's Powersports Muskoka Trust
• Complete boat detailing and fuel costs paid by guests

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Toll Free: 1-800-615-2537

Maryrose Coleman – Vice President

Deena Jones – Client Services

Ross Halloran - Founder

Kalen Holst - PRIVATE FLEET Captain
*Private Fleet is owned by MDR and operated by Billy's PowerSports Muskoka. Muskoka District Rentals Inc. and Billy's PowerSports Muskoka are both independent Ontario companies.